Coming Home

coming home

JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY is an award winning combat correspondent, newspaper journalist, and co-author, with Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, of “We Were Soldiers Once … and Young,” a story of the battle at the Ia Drang Valley, the first major battle fought during the Vietnam war. The book was made into a film, “We Were Soldiers.” Joe was portrayed by actor, Barry Pepper.

On May 1, 1998, the Army awarded Joseph L. Galloway a belated Bronze Star with V for rescuing a badly wounded soldier under heavy fire in the Ia Drang Valley on November 15, 1965. His is the only such medal of valor awarded to a civilian by the Army during the Vietnam War.

Joe appears in this film and speaks about his experiences during Vietnam War, the “coming home” for our Vietnam War Veterans and his thoughts about America’s apathy.