“BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War is one of the most important documentaries being made at this time.”

~ Ron Kovic – Peace activist, disabled Vietnam Veteran and author of his memoir, Born On The Fourth of July.


“Nina Gilberti’s documentary, BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War, has the real likelihood of saving lives and certainly lessen the suffering of our returning combat veterans! No one who has been in combat is the same person afterwards. We can bring back horrific memories, painful feelings, distorted thoughts and unusual behavior.

When I returned from Korea in 1951, I simply slid back to my role as a Physician at St. Albans Naval Hospital. PTSD had yet to be recognized and there were no peers to share my experiences with. I am 90 yrs. old now and still respond positively when I talk to a veteran.

I feel certain that Nina’s work will help de-stigmatize the reaching out for help. And for those that can’t, perhaps can be better informed and arrange to have peers interact as part of a therapeutic approach.”

~ Henry Litvin M.D. – Former Battalion Surgeon (1950) Korean War,
2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 8th Wave at Inchon, Point Battalion at Chosin Reservoir (11/27/50).


“I just want to say that what this film means to me can not be expressed in words. My husband served 2 tours to Iraq and received a Purple Heart,
but came home with more invisible wounds than people can imagine. He loved his country and served with all his heart, he struggled to stay afloat from PTSD and TBI for years.

In July of 2011, he lost that battle and couldn’t keep going. I hope he found the peace he was so desperately searching for.”

~ Kacey Eppinette – Wife of Chad Eppinette, US Army, Sergeant First Class, OIF Combat Veteran who succumbed to the hidden wounds of PTSD and TBI.


“Veterans of all wars throughout history have something in common.  They say their difficulties, problems, and symptoms were not taken seriously. Euphemisms were employed to politely describe their trauma.  Shell shock; Battle Fatigue- Exhaustion; War Neurosis;Combat Stress; and now PTSD.

No Matter the name, no amount of sleep, exercise, or home cooked meals will tame the beast of terrors inside the mind after encountering the real terror and psychological assault that occurs in ALL wars.

How many wars will it take, how many deaths are required to understand the devastation to our entire society beyond a single battle in the field? The symptoms of war are collectively experienced. They cannot be separated by type or value… there is no minor or major. There are no good wars or bad wars. There are just wars. All wars exact a price on the health of society at large. Everywhere.

You are asking questions of seminal importance and giving voice to those long silent. Universal pain and the possibility of universal healing are not mutually exclusive. They exist together in individual and collective humanity.

What you are doing with this film is an act of healing.  It is an act of mercy.  It is an act of courage.”

~ Penny Rock, Author: He Called Me Lieutenant Angel: A Love Song from War and We Declare: The Truth about War and Our Responsibility for Peace, Registered Nurse, and  Vietnam War Veteran.


“As a WWII former POW, I am honored to be a part of BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War. As an accredited Veterans’ Service Officer helping veterans to file disability claims with the VA, I know all too well the difficulties facing returning servicemen and women.

It is my sincere hope that this important film will bring national attention to the many difficulties facing our veterans from all conflicts.”

~ Norman Bussel – World War II Veteran and POW, author of My Private War: Liberated Body, Captive Mind: A World War II POW’s Journey.


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to have lent my voice to your extraordinary film-making effort. I would say that it’s the best piece of work I’ve seen since the writings of Ernie Pyle and the cartoons of Bill Maudlin because it captures the realities of war and its impact on those who serve.”

~ Thomas J. Berger, Ph.D. – Vietnam Veteran and Consultant and Executive Director, Veterans Health Council Vietnam Veterans of America.


“A story that must be told – a reality that can’t be hidden any longer. Nina develops this story, reaching into the emotion of our humanity, with immense sensitivity, passion and truth. Her artistic gift is brilliant. I have to believe that this incredible documentary will find its way into the light.”

~ Marsha Four – Vice- President of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Former Program Director for Veteran Services at the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center (PVMSEC) in Philadelphia, PA and a Vietnam Veteran who served as a U.S. Army Nurse from 1968-70. She was awarded the Bronze Star.


“This film has the ability to impact the world in ways others have yet to accomplish. It is honest, inspiring, heart wrenching, and filmed by a woman who has dedicated her life’s work to putting a spotlight on our nations heroes.
BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War makes me want to be a better person and shows me that I am not alone… even in my darkest hour.”

~ Jennifer Madden – Combat Veteran OEF IV, United States Army.


“Over the past eight years since Jeffrey’s needless suicide, his story has appeared in a multitude of domestic and international programs and documentaries. After viewing the initial trailer for BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War we saw the importance and relevance of this work. There have been so many of our wounded warriors who have returned home yet never having left the battlefield behind. This documentary shows the ugly truth of War as seen through the eyes, hearts and minds of those who have survived and how we all can help.

What Jeff failed to do during his life – or so he thought, Nina Gilberti achieved in his death – he as well as so many others are helping to save the lives of his brothers and sisters-in-arms through his suffering and death.

Through this documentary, others may live by realizing the many obstacles that our troops and veterans needlessly face in order to survive after returning home. We either actively support our troops and veterans or their blood is on our hands – as if we, ourselves loaded the bullet in the chamber or put the noose around their neck.

Apathy is so deadly.”

~ Kevin and Joyce Lucey – Proud parents of Cpl. Jeffrey Michael Lucey, a 23-year-old USMC Reservist forever young succumbed to the Hidden Wounds of PTSD.


“As indicated by this important film’s subtitle, . . . “the battle doesn’t end when a soldier returns home, for many it’s just the beginning…” the combat veterans of WWII to Afghanistan and Iraq are still fighting. The workings of these battles, however, are not bought to public awareness- not until Nina Gilberti made this documentary.

Through Nina’s probing camera and sympathetic portrayal, the everyday reality of combat veterans and their families is made real. The daily news brings us the conclusions of these home front battles – the addiction, broken lives, suicide, murder, homelessness, mental and physical breakdown. Through Ms. Gilberti we see the stories behind the stories.

And we are moved.”

~ Carol Schultz Vento – Author of The Hidden Legacy of World War II: A Daughter’s Journey of Discovery and co-creator of Daughters of D-Day.


“Nina Gilberti is a very talented filmmaker, whose current project, BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War deserves everyone’s attention who are sensitive to the plight of our returning veterans.”

~ Joe Mantegna – Award-winning actor and advocate for service men and women


“I was asked to be part of BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War and I immediately said yes. This film is a great representation of some of the challenges that our returning men and women face after combat.

I see these situations daily in my work with Family of a Vet, a national non-profit that works with veterans and families of veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain stem Injuries (TBI). These returning Heroes suffer silently with these and many other problems that are not always on the surface.

This film shows the hidden wounds of our returning men and women and also gives hope to those affected by showing what life can be like after combat. It brings to light the internal pain and suffering that many veterans face that isn’t immediately apparent, but also shows that these obstacles can be overcome which can lead to a new type of normal life.
It is very easy to identify the pain of a veteran who is missing a limb. But there are many wounds that are only inside, that no surgery or medication can ever take away.”

~ SFC (Ret.) Anthony S. Patchell – Disabled veteran, served in Iraq & Afghanistan.


“Nina Gilberti is shining the light on the dark subject of Post Traumatic Stress resulting from War and the impact it has on our Troops, their families and society. A powerful message about our largest minority – 2.2 % of the population SERVES and of that 2.2%,70% are from families who have prior service; it is on the backs of the same families we preserve our freedoms.

We hear daily about our national financial debt, yet we have another national debt as well – to the men and women of our armed forces. We have an obligation to this generation for Main Street USA to be their normal, not Main Street Baghdad or Main Street Kabul.

Post Traumatic Stress is not about what is wrong with us; it is about the wrong we experienced.

Our nation has used the words WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS to cleanse ourselves from the Vietnam era, today we must ask ourselves – HOW ARE WE SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS.

No minority has ever moved forward without a hand-up and a voice from the majority. Speak up and support BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War and help Nina help those who made a difference for all of us.

We live in the land of the free BECAUSE of the BRAVE.”

~ Bob Delaney – NBA Cares Ambassador, author Covert, My Years Infiltrating the Mob and Surviving the Shadows… A Journey of Hope into Post Traumatic Stress.  Delaney provides PTS education & awareness programs for the military and has presented in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Europe and U.S. bases/posts.
Twice received the U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal and the President’s Volunteer Service Award for his on-going PTS advocacy.


“As a severe traumatic brain injury survivor and the president of a non-profit that works with military veterans with invisible wounds, I know that this film, BEHIND OUR EYES: the Human Cost of War will open not just eyes, but the hearts of the American people about the battle of invisible wounds in our veterans.  And it will give hope, courage, and resolve to be “at home” with themselves once again.”

~ Pam Hays – Founder/ President of The Arms Forces, www.thearmsforces.org


Jeff Lucey

Jeff Lucey, Ludlow, MA