Veterans Suicide

Veterans Suicides“Lucey’s Boots” – Photo courtesy of Marilyn Kaggen

Veterans suicide rate is staggering.  An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide in the United States every day, a slightly higher number than the 18-per-day rate the Department of Veterans Affairs had indicated in years past. Vietnam veterans even after all these years since that war ended and female veterans are in need of particular attention. The average age of a veteran who commits suicide is 50 or older, according to a recent study done by the VA.  Recent studies also suggest that those who served in recent conflicts are 30 to 200% more likely to commit suicide than their non veteran peers. (Source: The Washington Post)

Lance Corporal Jeffrey Michael Lucey served in the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He returned home a different man- forever changed by war due to PTSD and a failed system. Jeff succumbed to those hidden wounds by suicide.

This film shares the heartbreaking stories of four families and their sons painful journey which led them to committing suicide. They agreed to share their stories with the hope of helping others and preventing more unnecessary deaths.

Veterans Suicides